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who we are

DIOP FIT was founded in 2019 by Entrepreneur Tajal Diop.

DIOP FIT is a Sportswear, Athleisurewear, and SwimWear brand, here to provide you with quality products for your day-to-day life. 



We study and work a lot around colors.

For a lot of people, colors are just something we use to change the vibe of a room or something that matches other clothes.

At DIOP FIT, we believe that colors are much more than simple things that you use to change the vibe and feel of a room.

You see each color means something specific and unique.


Some colors can give you energy, some positivity, others will give you courage and motivation, and that is what we do here at DIOP FIT, look for the right color to bring out your emotions, your feelings, and your success.

We believe that everything is possible, and our goal is to prove it to you by adding some of the best feelings to your life. 

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